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commercial work

my daylight hours are spent in an office doing graphic design adjacent stuff. logos. print and digital ads. event stuff**. but then things like website maintenance. video editing. photo editing. audio editing. branding. creative direction. screen printing (under certain circumstances). I'd like to think I'm a decent cook, too. 

what I'm getting at is if you've got a problem, I can probably help you figure out at least a part of it.

Brochure Design

Just a good ol' trifold

Luxury Golf Cart Promo

Was given a task to make a promotional video from a couple pieces of footage which I supplemented with some photos I edited of the car. Video ended up not being used as in this specific form, but it turned out pretty cool.

I "wrote" the video around the frame hits and recorded the music to a sort of grid based on the hits and frame lengths. 

Select Ads

End of 2023 - Early 2024

The divisions I work with often utilize local advertising. Newspapers, booklets, web, etc. Sometimes they feel like the lowest priority design in comparison to the other projects on the plate, but I do think it's cool to have the smaller designs shine.

Power Wash

Power Wash Logo

Logo and signage for Pritchard's Power Wash in Mason City, IA.

Pritchard Website Loop V1.00_00_23_15.Still006.jpg

Competition for the final logo.

Pritchard's POWERWASH SIGN.jpg

Website Build

Classic website build. Audits. Preferences. Research. XD Build (do not have access to that file). The second to last picture was the draft I/we handed over to the developers, last photo is the live website today. 


go ahead and give one of these a click

Branding and collateral for an ebike, golf car, car rentals shop in Clear Lake, IA.

Company Collateral Refresh Options

Options for brand essential updates.

Who doesn't love a good refresh.



HALFSCALE_F-350_Driver-shuffle (1).jpg

A request came through to design a truckwrap for an event.
This specific design ended up not being used, but there was still a small collective of appreciation for it. 


I thought it was cool enough to put it in a spot where someone could see it.
Here we are. 

eBike Collateral

Working with the awesome collateral provided by Serial 1 (through the asset management tool Bynder that is almost as awesome). The list is long for this one and keeps growing. Car wrap, website, pull up banners, stickers, promotional buisness cards... Select cuts are where it's at.