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I've been making music the majority of what I would consider my conscious life. high school two piece rock. solo ambient / electronic. riff rock / rap trio. indie punk. a short stint in a cover band. shorter summer job stint as a live music engineer. here are some select cuts. I'd be delighted if you checked any of these out.


This is my current squeeze. After years of bands of the pseudo-democratic expression and filling in as a hired gun, I've started letting songs with vocals and lyrics fall out. It's like blues rock, but not like that.


or sometimes WX CHX. "Riff-Hop" music (riff rock mixed with hip hop) trio. We did some small touring with this project. Grand Forks, Minot, Chicago, Milwaukee (a few times, but once for Summerfest).


solo somtimes ambient/electronic, sometimes rock or jazz inspired sort of wanderings. first ep was released via Jozik Records over in Finland. some tracks had airplay on radio stations in Europe (Liquid Radio FM4 and I can't remember the other, but those were fun emails to receive).


I wanted to make a Desert Sessions inspired project, mixing up musicians I'd been meeting over the years. I started recording the rhythm tracks and then the pandemic happened. I ended up sending tracks to those who had access to recording gear during the lockdwon and this happened.

(The artwork was created in VR)

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