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Ross Auger (ohuw-jshay)

I grew up in Hutchinson, MN spending my summers biking everywhere with a boombox strapped to the back of my bike, bumping cassette tapes from skate spot to skate spot. In 2010 I moved to Minneapolis, MN to study audio production. It felt like I was kind of pooping where I was eating so I switched to studying graphic and web design which lead me to Las Vegas for a hot minute and back to the Twin Cities, which is where I'm at these days.

Painting was my first love, but took a detour when my noodling in music started happening with other people. Weird jam sessions in basements, international DIY record label release, cover band in Wisconsin, original band touring the midwest. The list goes on...

I've been professionally practicing as a graphic designer/multimedia specialist/in-house designer since around 2013/2014.


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